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Has someone you know been put under arrest and placed in jail? It's time to get them out and help them fight for their rights! Bad Boy Bail Bonds is a premier Texas bail bonds agency, helping individuals and their loved ones with quick and reliable bail bond services. Our professional is committed to delivering direct and friendly customer service to get you or your loved one out from this bad experience.

Whether it's you or someone you know behind bars, call Bad Boy Bail Bonds for the assistance you need! We're available to help anyone in the surrounding area of Abilene, including Killeen, Belton, Harker Heights, Temple, Taylor County, Bell County and more!

Don't be daunted by the process

You're in a tough spot. We understand what you're going through. All you're looking for at the moment is a fast and stress-free solution to this specific situation. Bad Boy Bail Bonds promises to provide you with reliable bail bond service for your peace of mind, whether this is your first rodeo or not! Count on our professional to:

Provide bonds for any type of crime in any area of the United States

Guide you through the formal process in a compassionate manner

Remain honest and confidential when it comes to posting the bond

There will be no judgement, no hesitation. When you call Bad Boy Bail Bonds, you'll get compassionate support for your bail bond needs in Texas or anywhere nationwide.

Let our professional guide you through it!

Cory Lee of Bad Boy Bail Bonds is a member of the Professional Bondsmen of Texas (P.B.T.) and the Taylor County Bail Bond Association, and he represents the third generation of bail bondsmen in his family. He is proud to help individuals and families in the area avoid making a jail cell their new home. Reach out to Bad Body Bail Bonds today for the assistance you deserve!

Whether you are looking for a bail bond in Abilene, Belton, Killeen, Harker Heights, Temple or anywhere else in the U.S., look no further than Bad Boy Bail Bonds. We offer quick release from jail at the most competitive and affordable prices. We offer surety bonds on a wide range of criminal charges. If you have a warrant and are looking to take care of it, call us now so we can help.

At Bad Boy Bail Bonds you can rely on having an honest and dependable licensed bondsman by your side. We can help you to get a quick and stress free-release from jail anytime you need us. We understand what you are going through and want to be there for you.

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